Friday, April 26, 2019

Before We Begin—A Tour of the Roadtrek

Margaret’s much-loved Roadtrek is a dream come true for her. She has been interested in Roadtreks since the mid-1980s and knew the exact model she wanted. When this 2004 30th Anniversary Edition became available within driving distance in November 2011, she jumped on it.

Through the years, she’s changed, added to, and updated it. She replaced the air conditioner, kitchen faucet, roof fan, microwave, and television.  She removed the old flush toilet, replaced it with a composting toilet, and removed the black water holding tank. She also purchased two new AGM batteries to be joined together for the house bank. She recently drove it to Yuma, Arizona, to have the roof redone with Rhino Eco-Coating, which eliminated the peeling clear-coating that previously covered the fiberglass high-top roof.

Below is a video tour of the Roadtrek, beginning with how we’re set up to park/camp overnight and then how it’s packed while on the road. Following the video is a list of some of the products she’s purchased to make it efficient and comfortable for traveling and living in. Feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!

[If you have trouble viewing this embedded movie, 
you may view it directly on YouTube here:]

NOTE: I misspoke about the following things in the video: the Maxx Air Fan has 10 speeds, not 20; and the hot water heater is under my bed, not Margaret's.

The following products were mentioned in the video 


Amy L said...

I'm so excited for you two!

We're hoping to do this someday but it seems ao complicated! So I'm enjoying following y'all and learning!

Mary Jo said...

You and Margaret have an amazing home on wheels looks like you have everything you will need for your trek on the west coast. Can't wait to see and hear more of your adventures.

Virginia Hill said...

Thank you for your interest and support, Amy! There is a lot of preparation, but I know you and Jeffery can do it!

Virginia Hill said...

Thanks, Mary Jo! You're such a supportive friend.

Cyn said...

It all looks great. Looking forward to more travel stories.

Unknown said...

Hi sisters were meet in Paradise Point with Derek

Virginia Hill said...

Thank you, Cyn! Lots of travel entries to come!

Virginia Hill said...