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About Over the Hill Sisters

15 Jun 2019 
Margaret and Virginia at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, CA

Hi, from Margaret and Virginia Hill. We are the remaining two-thirds of the original Hill Sisters. (We miss our beautiful sister, Jacqueline 😢.) We are also baby boomers* [hence, the origin of our online moniker, "Over the Hill Sisters" (OTHS)].

A short version of how we came to be the OTHS: First, we love to camp and see new places. However, we are not the Hilton Hotel type of ladies, neither by desire, nor by financial situation. And second, in our older years, we do desire a few more camping comforts than tents provide (hence, we are RV campers). We especially love to "boondock" (no hookups), whenever possible, on public lands that allow "dispersed camping" (no designated sites and required to move usually every two weeks). However, we have also enjoyed some mighty fine campgrounds during our travels.

We decided to share our process of developing OTHS and our adventures online. So here we are. Feel free to poke around our Website. Hopefully, you will return to see what we're up to. Enjoy!
*Baby boomer (AKA boomer): Born during the post-World War II baby boom, with birthdates between 1946 and 1964.

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About Margaret

Margaret Hill
Although I would have loved camping as a child, my mother (mainly) and father weren't interested and never took us. However, during my first camping experience one summer with cousins by a lake, when I was about 13 or 14, I got hooked! So, when I became an adult, I day hiked, backpacked, mountain biked, loved trail riding my various horses, and camped when I could.

At first I camped in tents on the ground for many years. As I got older, I started using a cot to sleep on in my tent. After I suffered a bad traffic collision in 1998, I developed fibromyalgia and had to revise my whole life. Tents were too difficult (painful and tiring to deal with), so I graduated to camping in a minivan after my little Honda sedan was totalled in the crash. My minivan was a lot more comfortable than a tent but still lacking. So, my next upgrade was the pre-owned 2004 Roadtrek 190 Popular that I have owned since November 2011, and I love it! I had wanted a Roadtrek ever since I saw a brochure about them back in 1985, and I was fortunately able to find the exact year and model I was looking for (their 30th Anniversary Special Edition).

After 22 years of service, primarily as a research associate, I retired from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). I also earned a B.A. from UCSD (psychology, with a special interest in health psychology); and before that I earned an A.S. in Animal Health Technology from Mesa College (the first graduating class!). Before transferring to Mesa, I had started out as a life sciences major at City College.

Although I reluctantly had to let go of the horse lifestyle I had enjoyed so much, I'm still a trails supporter who continues to love horses from a distance. I also love camping and traveling with my sister, Virginia, in my Roadtrek, as we continue our life journey with Over the Hill Sisters.

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About Virginia

Virginia Hill
A native and current resident of San Diego, I owned and worked with Arabian horses for twenty-five years and in retail management for fifteen. I was a stay-at-home wife and mother for about nineteen years; and after divorcing, downsizing, relocating, and being out of the workforce, I needed to find something I could do despite my physical limitations and financial constraints. My sister and I used to relish our time horse camping and trail riding; and even though horses are no longer in our lives, my sister still enjoys camping in her Roadtrek. Since moving back to the West Coast, I have had a great time accompanying her on camping trips. Following our epic 5-month West Coast States Adventure in 2019, we were sidelined from another long road trip in 2020 by the pandemic. We are looking forward to more adventures together in her Roadtrek after some much needed repairs & improvements. My daughter is excited for us and looks forward to camping with us during her work vacations. We hope you enjoy coming along with us, too!

Virginia's Personal Blog: VALEEHILL

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About Peaches

Peaches is Margaret’s little spayed Chihuahua rescue; so not much is known about her previous life, other than she’s an adult. I adopted her from Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County on 06 Apr 2019. Her estimated birthdate was 13 Mar 2013, and she weighs 7 lbs 4 oz. Peaches is a precious little bundle of joy and has readily and happily taken to her new family and way of life traveling and camping with Virginia and me in my Roadtrek. She hasn’t shown any interest in toys. Instead, she loves looking out the window, exploring new places on what I call our “adventure walks,” and chasing lizards! She also loves sleeping in late, naps, laps, snuggling, lots of petting, and her soft, warm “Furrybaby” blanket. 💜
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Slick said...

My husband and I traveled the US in our RV for thirteen wonderful years. We basically lake and bar hopped every where, enjoying fishing and neighborhood fun places. I know the wonderment of waking up in beautiful new places. Enjoy! Happy trails!

Slick said...

I am brand to blogging. I don't know quite what to do. I am interested though not up on protocol.

Margaret Hill said...

Thank you, Slick, for sharing your experience. Thirteen years, wow! Although we've just started, we're loving this lifestyle so far.

Margaret Hill said...

No worries, Slick. You did fine. We sometimes aren't able to approve comments or reply promptly for lack of a good cell signal. Libraries with wi-fi are our friends!

Anonymous said...

Peaches should have her own section on the blog! 🐕

Margaret Hill said...

Well, in a way, she does. Virginia made a label for Peaches. So, if you want to view any posts about her, just click on the label (Peaches). She's such a good traveler. I'm glad I found her in the nick of time before we left home base on our trip.