Saturday, December 16, 2023

Ferndale (CA)

We left Sue-meg State Park (formerly Patrick's Point State Park) on 22 Sep 2019, once again heading south on U.S. Route 101. Margaret wanted to get a coat for Peaches so we stopped at the Petco in Eureka, where she found one that would help prevent Peaches from turning into a 'pupsicle' in the cooling weather.

During our entire trip I asked to stop at only two specific locations. The first was First Beach in La Push, WA, and the second request had us only slightly diverting from our route to the small city of Ferndale in Humboldt County

I was "introduced" to Ferndale because of its frequent appearance in my QuakeFeed earthquake app notifications. From the Ferndale Wikipedia Page: "Ferndale's location near the Mendocino Triple Junction, a subduction fault associated with the offshore interaction of the Pacific, North American, and Gorda techtonic plates, makes it extremely susceptible to earthquakes." Once I saw how adorable this historical city was I wanted to visit. 

It was extremely gray and overcast, but the high that day was a pleasant 63° F. We parked on Main Street and set about walking up and down checking out the businesses there and on Berding Street. We bought some baked goodies for us at Eirlie's Bakery and Margaret bought Peaches some gourmet treats from Main Street Barkery & Bath (isn't that an adorable name?). 

Ferndale Community Church. Photo by Virginia.