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Alabama Hills National Scenic Area (CA) (BLM, free day use & maybe camping if the rules haven't changed) 
Alder Dune Campground (OR) ($12/night camping) 
Alfred A. Loeb State Park (OR) (open for day use year round)
Alfred A. Loeb State Park Campground (OR) (($24/night camping)
Allens Bar Campground (WA) ($5/night camping next to the Hoh River)
Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark (CA) (free overnight parking)
Annie Creek Sno-Park (OR) (free parking/camping in lot or free camping below it next to creek)
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (CA)


Barstow, CA
Barview Jetty County Campground (OR) (camping prices vary a lot; our cost was $146 for 5 nights)
Bend, OR (a different city from North Bend, OR)  
Bishop, CA
Boca Campground (CA) ($20/night or $10/night camping)
Boca Dam (CA)
Boca Reservoir (CA)
Bodie, CA
Bodie State Historic Park (CA) ($12 or $6/person entry; no camping)
Bridgeport, CA
Brown Creek Campground (WA) (NFS, $14/night or $7/night camping)
Buckeye Hot Springs (CA) (free)
Bunny Flat dispersed camping (CA) (free NFS dispersed camping)
Burney Falls State Park (CA) (entrance fee for day use: $10/car or $5/car)


Cannon Beach, OR 
Cape Blanco State Park (OR) ($24/night camping w/electrical & water hookups)
Carl G. Washburne State Memorial Park (OR) ($31/night camping w/electrical hookup)
Chaos Crags (CA)
Chiriaco Summit Dry Camp Area (CA) (free dry camping)
Coastal Drive Loop (CA) 
Cold Springs Campground (OR) (NFS, entrance fee for up to 7 days: $30 or free; camping $14/night or $7/night camping)
Coos Bay, OR 
Coso Junction Store & gas station (CA) (free overnight parking)
Coupeville, WA
Crater Lake National Park (OR) (entrance fee for up to 7 days day use: $25 summer, $15 winter, or free/car) 
Crissey Field State Recreation Site & Welcome Center (OR) (free entry for day use; no camping)
Crissey Field State Park (OR) (free entry for day use; no camping)
Crowley Lake Campground (CA) (BLM, $8/night or $4/night camping)


Deception Pass Bridge (WA) 
Eel Creek Campground (OR) ($11/night camping)
Florence, OR 
Forks, WA
Fort Clatsop (OR) (free)
Fort Stevens State Park (OR) (free entry with Oregon Day-Use Parking Permit) 
Fort Townsend Historical State Park (WA) [$30.75/night average for 4 nights: 1st night was not reserved, 3 more nights reserved via phone (including reservation fee)]


Garibaldi, OR 
General Patton Memorial Museum (CA) (entry fee: $10 adults, $8 seniors & prior military)(free dry camping)
Gold Beach, OR 
Goodale Creek Campground (CA) ($5/night or $2.50/night camping)
Graeagle, CA
Grant Lake (CA)  (free NFS dispersed camping)


Hammond Marina RV Park (OR) ($40/night w/full hookups, laundry room, & showers included) 
Harbor Vista Campground, (OR) ($12/night camping) 
Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint (OR) 
Hellman-Ehrman Mansion (CA) ($10/adult for tour)
Hoh Campground (WA) (NPS, $10/night camping)
Hoh Rainforest (WA)
Hoh River (WA) 
Hot Creek Geologic Site (CA) (free)
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (CA) (free NFS dispersed camping)


Idle Spurs Steakhouse & Lounge (CA) (free overnight parking)
Indian Creek near Crescent Mills, CA
Inspiration Point (CA)


Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park (CA) ($34/night or $17/night camping)
Joshua Tree National Park (CA) (entrance fee for up to 7 days: $30/car or free/car)
June Lake, CA
June Lake Loop (CA) 


Kilchis River County Campground (OR) ($33/night camping)


La Push, WA
La Push, First Beach (WA) 
La Wis Wis Campground (WA) ($10/night camping)
Lake Almanor (CA)
Lake Tahoe Basin (CA & NV)
Lassen Peak (CA)
Lassen Volcanic National Park (CA) (entrance fee for up to 7 days: $30/car summer, $10/car winter, or free/car)
Lewis and Clark National Historical Park (OR) (free entry for day use; no camping) 
Little Redwood Campground (OR) (indefinitely closed on 17 Sep 2019 due to fire damage)


Mammoth Lakes, CA
Mammoth Scenic Loop (CA) (free)
Manzanar National Historic Site (CA) (donations accepted)
McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park (CA) (entrance fee: $10/car or $5/car)
McBride Springs Campground (CA) ($10/night or $5/night camping)
Midland Rest Stop (OR) (up to 12 hours, free)
Mill Creek Campground (CA) ($34/night or $17/night camping)
Mono Lake Park (CA) (day use only, free)
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve (CA) (day use only, free)
North Bend, OR (a different city from Bend, OR)


Oak Harbor, WA
OCSR Coastal Excursion (OR) ($23/ticket, from Rockaway Beach to Garibaldi & return trip)
Octopus Tree (OR)
Odlin County Park (WA) ($23/night camping)
Olympic National Park (WA)
Olympic Peninsula (WA)
Oregon annual Day-Use Parking Permit ($30) 
Oregon Coast 
Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad (OCSR) (OR) ($23/ticket, from Rockaway Beach to Garibaldi & return trip) 
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, (OR) (day use, free)
Over the Hill Sisters collection of photos & videos (at Flickr)


Peter Iredale shipwreck (OR) [(free access with camping at Fort Stevens State Park (OR) or Oregon Day-Use Parking Permit)]
Peter Skene Ogden Rest Stop (OR) (up to 12 hours, free)
Peter Skene Ogden State Park (OR) (day use only, free)
Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint (OR) (day use only, free)
Quosatana Campground (OR) ($20/night or $10/night camping)


Randsburg, CA (old mining town with small population)
Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA) ($25/night or $12.50/night camping)
Redding, CA
Roadtrek, tour of
Rockaway Beach, OR 
RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) (AZ) (BLM, free dispersed camping)
Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) (AZ) (BLM, free dispersed camping)


Salton Sea (CA)
Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor (OR) 
Shasta Dam (CA) (day use only, free)
Shasta Dam Visitor Center (CA) (day use only, free)
Shasta Lake (CA) (day use only, free)
Shastina (CA)
Silver Falls State Park (OR) ($19/night camping in tent campsite)
Sisters, OR  
Sisters, OR & Cold Springs Campground (walking the town was free, of course; the NFS entrance fee for up to 7 days was $30 or free; camping was $14/night or $7/night)
Sugar Pine Point State Park (CA) ($10 or $5 for all-day parking at Lake Tahoe)
Summit Lake (CA) (day use only, free)
Summit Lake Campground North (CA) ($24/night or $12/night camping)
Sundial Bridge (CA) (day use only, free)


Tahoe City, CA
West Coast States Adventure Album (WA) (at Flickr)
Whidbey Island (WA)
White Tank Campground (CA) (NPS, $15/night or $7.50/night camping)



YouTube (video storage & sharing)


NOTE: Prices and fees given above were accurate at the time of our visit and may have changed since then. The first amount noted was the full regular price, and the second price was a discount pass price. Discount passes for federal and state parks and lands can be researched online for specific details.

NPS = National Park Service.
NFS = National Forest Service.
BLM = Bureau of Land Management.
All three federal government agencies administer our public lands.