Saturday, June 16, 2018

Welcome to Over the Hill Sisters!

Hi, from Margaret and Virginia Hill. We are the Over the Hill Sisters (OTHS). Welcome to our new Website, (of course!). You can learn more about us on our About Us page.

Upcoming posts will deal with early considerations that need to be made to help you narrow down which direction to take in becoming an RV camper or nomad, such as types of vehicles to choose from (van, motorhome, trailer, etc.), styles of travel (how often to move, rate of travel, city vs. backcountry boondocking vs. RV parks), downsizing, budgetary constraints, etc. We'll travel the information highway first, then real-world paved highways and dirt roads because we feel that good planning is essential to a smooth transition from a "sticks and bricks" home to your current or new wheeled home. For example, Virginia and I are sitting in the living room of my comfortable 5th wheel trailer with three slides and considering the pros and cons of downsizing even further to a small travel trailer that my Roadtrek can pull (easy but cramped). Or can we make it work with my existing fifth wheel (yikes!), which requires a strong truck to haul (luxurious but big and more expensive to support two motor vehicles)? We'll see...

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Margaret Hill said...

Just a follow-up comment here addressing the vehicle plan. Due to financial practicalities, Virginia and I decided to go with just the Roadtrek as our sole vehicle—no hauling a small trailer behind it, at least for the time being. Also, nix on the hugeness of driving and maintaining a dually truck and 34-foot 5th wheel trailer in addition to the Roadtrek! Fortunately, I have a buyer for my comfortable Cameo 5-er. It has been a good home for me for 10 years and for Virginia for the past two years. 💜