Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sundial Bridge & Redding, CA

After leaving Potato Patch Campground (13 Jun 2019), we drove to Chico and headed north on Highway 99. Driving through the miles of orchards felt very familiar to me, as I lived and worked in Shasta and Tehama Counties many years ago. Whereas the temperatures were in the 80s up at the campground, we watched it climb to 103 degrees before too long. The area has changed a great deal since I was last there, but there were enough familiar streets, buildings, and landmarks to spark quite a few memories.

We have been staying with our cousins in Redding, CA, (camping in their side yard with electricity!) for more than three weeks. During that time, we chatted, went out to dinner a couple of times, made dinner a couple of times, used the heck out of their Wi-Fi, had showers, did laundry, took advantage of the abundant variety of stores in which to shop, and Margaret had work done on the Roadtrek. We were also taken to see Burney Falls (15 Jun 2019), Shasta Lake (03 Jul 2019), and the stunning Sundial Bridge (27 Jun 2019) in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park on the Sacramento River.

Sundial Bridge from the south. Photo by Margaret.

Sundial Bridge from the south. Photo by Margaret.

Sundial Bridge. Photo by Margaret.

Sacramento River sunset from Sundial Bridge. Photo by Virginia.

The Sacramento River and Lassen Peak from Sundial Bridge. Photo by Virginia.
The Top Curve of the Sundial sculpture. Photo by Virginia.

The Sundial sculpture from below. Photo by Virginia.

Sundial Bridge dedication plaque. Photo by Margaret.

The Sundial sculpture. Photo by Margaret.

Sundial Bridge and the Sacramento River. Photo by Virginia.

The entrance to McConnell Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Photo by Virginia.

We'll be leaving Redding and our cousins very soon and heading up to cooler climes. We won't have a cell phone signal or Wi-Fi or electricity; but we'll have the mountains, lakes, trees, wildlife, and views that recharge our souls. We'll catch you all up when we have a strong enough signal or hit up some public Wi-Fi. Take care, and enjoy where you are!

NOTE: Clicking on the photos in the post will open them in a larger view (recommended!). If you want to see more photos of the beautiful places we've shared, we have them in this Flickr Collection: Over the Hill Sisters Photo Collection.


Mary Jo said...

again what amazing beautiful pictures. You ought to see if you can sell the pictures for postcards. Love the views.

Margaret Hill said...

Thank you, Mary Jo! Do you view the pictures full size or just as is in the blog posts? I can’t see enough detail without enlarging them. They especially look small when reading in phone view. Just wondering how our readers view the photos.

I don’t know what the process is for getting some of our photos on postcards. I/we will have to research it online, when we have time, to learn what to do. Do you have any knowledge or ideas about the process?

Cyn said...

Beautiful shots!

Margaret Hill said...

Thanks, Cyn!